This is a blog is a collection of photos and stories of myself and my boyfriend.
We run this blog together and post photos of ourselves and our adventures while also posing things of our interest
We are always looking for people to meet up with and if you live or are in the Sydney area let us know! Yes Sydney, Australia :)

We are interested in all types of things, but mainly threesomes, group sex with males or females as well as anal and flashing!

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hhorny46 asked: My wife and I love your blog. Makes us both horny as fuck. Planning a trip to Sydney in the next few months. Would you be interested in fisting my wife while your man throat fucks her?


We live in sydney!! :D


You should Ask me for access to my cam, its free :)

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Anonymous asked: Where about's in Sydney are you guys? My partner and I could be very interested. I love your blog but would also like to see your face and all of your husband. Got any other photos anywhere?


Need to come off anon before ill give any details out.

lol you wont be seeing my face posted on here.

Anonymous asked: Would love to chat with the view of meeting. Where to from here? I'm in sydney


Firstly you need to come off annon before we can start discussing anything :) Then we can work out a time and a date if me can prove your legitimacy :)

sharedgirlfriend asked: Looking to share my gf. Is a huge turn on. She already loves flashing in public and we fuck like animals after. Can you both telk me about the first time he shared you and how you guys felt after.


Never shared her before? Oh well myself and my boyfriend are very open about everything and we have common interests so it was fairly easy for the two of us to agree to it and set it up with some of his friends. And I also let him sleep with my girlfriends so fair is fair how we see it

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